Iwama-ryu in Charleston, South Carolina

Looking for Iwama-style aikido in Charleston? Contact Paul N. McMahon (sandan) for more information: aikidocharleston@gmail.com. Sensei McMahon has 20 years training in traditional aikido (a.k.a. Iwama-ryu). Iwama-ryu focuses on both hand techniques (taijutsu) and weapons (aiki-ken, aiki-jo and tanto).

Paul N. McMahon

Alexandria Harmonizers

Enjoy live music with the Alexandria Harmonizers, one of America’s great men’s choruses entertaining, educating, and enriching lives through excellence in a cappella harmony. Founded in 1948, the chorus specializes in one of a cappella’s most challenging forms, four-part harmony. A non-profit with a focus on artistic excellence, community outreach, and musical education, the chorus strives to bring the passion of music to audiences as well as inspire and shape future generations with the power of the singing art form. Visit harmonizers.org for more information.

Swords of Light

Check out these cool kumitachi photographs by Elizabeth Pennell.

Kimusubi no tachi 4-1


Aikido Drawings by Clyde Paton

Take a look at the Aikido of Arlington gallery drawn by Clyde!

Paul N McMahon writes thriller novel

Read The K-7 Directive by Paul N. McMahon. Our dojo gets a mention in the book!

K-7 Directive